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No Rain in the Forecast

No April Showers.  Besides the most beautiful spring, this is by far the driest spring season we have seen here in the Kansas City Area.  To keep your trees and shrubs healthy give them a drink of water.  Up to this point the mature trees are still good, they have the deeper roots to tap

Spring Time

This is by far the most beautiful Spring Season I have ever witnessed.  All the flowers held there full glory for days on end.  The cool nights and warm days excelled their growth early and jump started the whole procession of natures glory.  An awesome display of colors of every magnitude.  And the growth rate

Serving Greater Kansas City!

Experienced Arborists Serving Greater Kansas City Arbor Care, Inc. of Kansas City has been in business for over 25 years trimming trees. Owned by Don Hendrickson, a graduate of the University of Kansas and second-generation arborist, the company has roots that run deep in Kansas City. In addition to residential and commercial properties, the company

Crown Raising

At Arbor Care we offer Crown Raising. Low-hanging branches can compromise the curb appeal of your home by blocking the view. They can also be a hazard to pedestrians and vehicles, especially if your home is on a corner lot. Although, crown raising is primarily a personal preference, removing lower branches does provide benefits. Clear